Everyone says they have it…others rave about it…BUT, do you truly have a good backup of your Data? Yeah, sure…you spent the money for the backup software license, you bought a new RDX drive with a few TB cartridges or a shiny new NAS, spent a few hours setting up your backup jobs and SUCCESS right?! When the jobs finish, you get to see an email or log entry which tells you that your backup jobs worked. You can check the cartridges or HDD’s and see that hey, there is a bunch of data there! Nice work Sparky…

Oh wait! Hold on just a sec while you pat your own back there…have you tried to RESTORE the Data? Have you tested the limits of your backup software and performed any test restore jobs to ensure that it actually grabbed the data you specified? Can you successfully restore your CEO’s mailbox back to Exchange? Find that spreadsheet from accounting that has your bonus info? Hmmm. Good question, eh?
Just about everyone I’ve ever spoken to about backups (both tech pro’s and clients) usually answer that question with a cold, blank stare…almost as if they are imagining themselves sitting next to their server, at 4am, after a failure, and NOT being able to restore Data, wondering OHHHH SNAP! (Not exactly the word SNAP, but you get the idea…)

It’s a great question to ask. It really works in having the person think about what it is backups are really for – RESTORING DATA!! Anyone can “setup” a backup system. It’s easy to buy software/hardware, come up with a bullet-proof strategy…yada, yada, yada. BUT – can you restore the Data?? Since most folks never try, then you can’t REALLY say that you have it. And you definitely cannot RAVE about it either. 

My suggestion of course, put your backup system through its paces. Perform a few mock data restores of different types of Data and ensure that you are the Superhero your boss thinks you are. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at 4am, next to your server, after a failure, wondering…WHY ME?!

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